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More snow?! I didn't know that!!

That sledding trip looks awesome! We took Ford out for a few minutes and all the pictures we got consisted of a very unhappy face! The cold snow blowing was freaking him out I think. :)


Looks like a lot of fun! We were snowed in all weekend and Joe managed to get Ava out for some snow play (tho next year we'll have to invest in proper clothing). We had folks over for soup on Saturday night - luckily we had time to shop for food so that we had enough to share! Wish we had a fire pit, though!


Lesley -

They say we are due for another 10-20 inches this weekend - starting Friday morning and ending Saturday night. Can you believe it?

Dale -

Soup - yum! I am right there with you in needing to invest in some proper snow clothes! I miss you!

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