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love love looove your pictures!

The Farmer's Wife (Nancy)

My name is Nancy. I just linked to your blog from the Urban Nest. I just have to tell you that your pictures are gorgeous. I'm just starting to get into photography.

I'll look around more on your blog, but would you mind taking just two seconds and telling me what kind of camera you have? My husband is buying me one this week and I'd like to know all my options. I hope it isn't a bother.



Great photos! Thea is getting so big - she is adorable! Thanks for sharing.


a) you are so cute, Nikole. really. its just wrong.
b) you are so wholesome. Amanda knows the lyrics to lady gaga's whole 'fame' album. that is going to be listed in my qualifications for mom of the year along with the fact that she says "pain da ASS!" about her brother
c) the pictures, as always, are beautiful
d) I should email you and update you on my life. holy cow. miss ya. hope you're well!


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