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Our pets..


The things that we have collected on vacations...the little painting and ceramic fleur-de-lis we bought in New Orleans

The photos of our family and friends

The toys and related baby things scattered about (we recently adopted a baby girl)


Awesome post. We have a really small house (900 sq. ft.) and clutter can be a real issue. There is a book called "It's All Too Much" that I've been wanting to read because I tend to keep stuff. But after Zadie, it's been really easy to get rid of stuff. If I'm in a mood, I just go for it. I've never missed a thing.

Our house feels like a home because we've resurfaced almost all of it. Every bit of it belongs to us now (although I've disowned the bathroom!).

Kim Rakes

You make me want to go outside (in 209348234mph winds) and capture a pretty sunset :)

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