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Pretty! I love your peony bushes in bloom.


Beautiful! I am a hydrangea fan myself...but those peonies are so nice I might just have to give them a try too!


I need to learn how to grow them. Sun? Shade? I've always been scared of growing them for having them die. I do love them so...

mrs spock

I look forward to my peony bush blooming every year. I have a vase of beautiful, fragrant white peony blossoms in front of me as I type. It's a shame the blooms are so fleeting!


Dale - All of ours are in full sun. We gave them some extra love and watering the first year, but not much extra attention since then. They were a bit puny for the first couple years, but have done great since then. They get bigger with more blooms each year. I think you should give them a try!

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