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Oh. My. Goodness. When you're finished making the one for your friend, I will pay you for one for Ava. I love it! Heck, I'd even wear one if it came in my size :) And if I knew how to sew, I would love a tutorial! It's beautiful!!!


do it because i want to make one! :)
i think you will do an excellent job explaining!

Rachael Meredith

Ditto! I want to make one for Avery and me :)

kendra verbeek

love it, would totally buy one from you as well since I can't sew! you are so talented and I am so envious :) hugs to you my friend!

Kelly P

yes to the tutorial. you are one talented momma. and ohmigosh, what a cute girl you have! you realize you're raising a fashionista, right?!


You can do it! Just take more pictures than you think you'll need.

And measure everything twice.


Love the fabric choices, beautiful, and always inspiring!


Absolutely gorgeous!! Thea is so sweet!


Love the skirt! Your daughter is precious in it!

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