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Very inspiring actually - not boring. I'm just curious - what is is the green smoothie...spinach?
Well...I have been doing much better with my eating. I've never had an issue with excercise. I just tend to overeat and this weekend I really went off the deep end with food! But today is a new day, right? I've eaten 2 bananas and blueberries (my favorite fruit...) So i'm back on the horse.
Your diet as described is very good, so just like you said it's all about making more changes gradually.


Wow, Sounds like a lot. Where do you get the reconditioned Vita Mixer? Because, although I've tried over the years, nothing is as good.

Nikole Sarvay

Becky -

I got mine from the VitaMix website. If you google "reconditioned VitaMix" the page should pop right up. It is still pricey, but significantly cheaper than a new one. They also had a code on that page for free shipping. Good luck!

Nikole Sarvay

Jessica -

I have been using a mix of kale and spinach. Really, whatever I have on hand. I posted a couple of my favorite recipes. :)

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