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Good for you, and I hope things only get better! You definetly appear to be on the right track.


Very inspiring - thank you. I wish you the very best in achieving all of these and more.

Mine for this year include leaving my desk at lunch time, meditating every morning, and writing at least one new play this year.


Happy New Year! You are such an inspiration and I hope this year brings you lots of healing and peaceful moments. I enjoy reading your blog. Thank you for all of the inspiration. xoxo


I used to follow you on babylust and then briefly on clear frame. I'm happy that you are at this new place in your life. I am usually a silent blogger but could not help but notice just how similar our new year's hopes are. I just started a blog titled Hope, Sorrow and Grace on wordpress (i'm still making changes to the format - but it's up!). You are more than welcome to follow along. I admire how crafty you are and will definitely follow along for inspirations like the others that have commented.

Happy New Year and happy blogging...by the way...Thea is precious!

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