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This is great! We are experimenting with "Do a Dot" Markers and crayons so far. I plan to break out one color of liquid watercolor for P to try, using the wet-on-wet technique so she can see the color bleed and move.


get some watercolor crayons at the art store - they are even more fun - very saturated color!

kim rakes

ooh! i must get a set. her room will look magical with those displayed. lately haley and i have been really into playing with beads. also, have you seen the lace-up valentine's day cards? they are a bit pricey, but boy, i want to get them. i think they'd be a neat little project for a little girl:


Ms Planner

We have three favorite art projects in our home:

1) Coloring with Lyra pencils.
2) Molding with homemade playdough (I will post our fave recipe on my blog) and
3) Painting with Clementine natural paint.

My mom, a lifelong early primary and preschool teacher, showed me how to make nearly any paint washable by mixing it with hand dishwashing liquid. I use BioKleen to keep it fabulously non-toxic.

Love the rainbow!


This is so much fun! Have you ever used fabric crayons? I have some stashed away for a rainy day :)

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