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Susan Epperson

Beautiful post Nikole. So reminscent of what I've read in "Hand Wash Cold." I'm now working on "Mamma Zen." It's so nice to hear you living it.


Anything I get done is usually during Immi's imaginative play, which started when she was around 3 or maybe a bit older. Once I noticed she was absorbed in what she was doing, I could do something productive within eyesight.

Sometimes she wants to help and we do things together. It goes a lot slower, but I try to think of it as a bonding experience rather than "the dishes are taking 5x as long as usual!" As you seem to have figured out.

We have a bunch of cleaning supplies she can use -- hand broom, outdoor broom, a damp rag to wipe surfaces. I can usually figure out some busy work for her like wiping baseboards if she wants to help clean, or sorting socks. I don't push it, and usually she loses interest after 30 seconds. But I want to foster her interest so she doesn't hate housework like I do. To which point, our house is more chaotic than not these days. But it all gets done eventually, even if that means on the weekend sometimes or after bedtime or next month. I try not to be too hard on myself if I spend more time with my Kindle than the vacuum cleaner (which, btw, she loves to use! I have to fight her for it sometimes).

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