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I believe that Patient kindness changes everything. Children learn what they live and the future is changed. Kindness changes everything.


For me, Winnie the Pooh sums it up perfectly: "A little Consideration, a little Thought for Others, makes all the difference.” I leave quarters in the parking meters, in hopes it will help out the next person to park in that space. Well, just last week, I had no quarters for the meter...but there was 42 minutes left. By giving kindness to others, it always boomerangs back to me in some way.


Yesterday friends of mine sent me mother day's flowers. Totally did not expect that

Heather D

I love the kindness of being present for others. Reminding them that they are special & appreciated for just being themselves! Taking time out to connect w strangers,family & friends creates a world full of joy,peace & kindness;)


I love leaving kindness post its for strangers to find, I leave them on cans in the grocery store, but I esp love leaving YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL (or something like that) on car's side view mirrors in parking lots.


It was the kindness (no other motive) of two strangers that made it possible for us to have our two beautiful daughters. One day (when/if our daughters decide to contact their donors) , I hope to be able to tell these two strangers how much their kindness meant to me/us. For us, kindness has changed EVERYTHING.


I believe in the power of kindness and how it can make a difference in the world because a simple act as a smile or a greeting are kind, and not enough people practice simple things like those. I discovered Patience Salgado through the Oprah article and have been connected with her since and I believe the mentality of kindness changes everything is tangible in small ways and can have huge impacts. Kindness touches my life in many ways through my niece, who is seven and she teaches me to love and to share and to live.


i just finished teaching a class of kids who have meant so much to me. today was our last day and one of the boys (4th grader!) prepared some kind words to tell me how much he like the class, art, and me. sweetness and light, totally.

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