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love these! your hands are so creative!

treasured moments.


funny! i was going to make a flour sack today! i need some fabric paint and stamps! your set is beautiful!


mc -

Want to borrow mine? :-)


Oh N, you are so good! I love to share in your creativity!!!

ps- I am emailing back soon. Just been feeling rotten!


I've been so behind on my blog reading! I wanted to say that I LOVE your play kitchen and all the accessories, including the cookies! BRAVO! I'm so impressed that you made it all yourself and it's so lovely! I would certainly buy that one if it were for sale in stores. :) Thea is just plain beautiful and it's so fun to see her enjoying her space. I'm really looking forward to those times with Paige in the future.


This is just amazing, Nikole - truly!

Kim Rakes

I am adding you to my sidebar of favorite blogs, we will totally have to keep up with eachother- we are both in virginia, have adorable little girls, and a serious crafting bug. Your felt food has come out wonderful, I need to make some more, we are about to revamp Haley's kitchen a bit and she is at that age where she will actually play with it, whereas before, it just collected dirt and dog hair :(


LOVE it!


Those flour sacks are DARLING! I'm planning my little girls play kitchen, and I will definitely be making some of those!

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