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If those are cupcakes, I want some!!! :)


Dale -

They are fabric roses. But now you've got me thinking about cupcakes...mmmmm....

Miss you! xoxo


I figured they looked like roses but yes, a little burlap-type fabric for the cupcake base, and voila! My project isn't so cute, but when it's done, I'll send you a photo! We could open our own deli/bakery when we're done! :)


they all look so beautiful!! nice work!


so pretty! love the fabrics. xx

Kim Rakes

Nikole, i am not sure exactly what you are crafting, but i love the looks of it so far and feel like whatever the finished product is, will be something I have to have in my life as well, haha :)


Can't wait to see what you're creating. Your creativity is amazing and inspires me - however, I haven't done anything with that inspiration yet besides craft some felt capes and knit some crowns for dress up play.


Absolutely lovely! I have been following you for quite a while and you totally inspire me! I went last week and looked at sewing machines and signed up for a learn to sew class. I am so excited!! Thanks for sharing bits of your creativity and insights with the world!

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