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how lovely. i'll be sure to purchase one! she's a beautiful child. you are a beautiful woman! thank you for sharing...

Alli Smith

What an absolutely touching way to support your brother and his family,especially beautiful little Caroline. I look so forward to the opening of the shop and further updates.

Stay well.

Alli Smith


oh sweet little caroline is just beautiful! Im so excited for you! i cant wait to buy some, i'm eyeing that little one with the tulips on the fabric, or are those regular flowers? either way i want it!


what an absolutely beautiful way to use your talents in support of your family. i will be looking for updates about your etsy shop. you have inspired me today!


I found your blog through Kim (and quite a few other blogs to be honest), but I got a little teary eyed when reading this one. I definitely see a few roses that I will try to scoop up once the shop opens up!


I want a pin!! Can't wait for the etsy shop to open. Love you, sweet friend!


I love it, Nikole. The whole idea is beautiful - as are you and your beautiful niece!! Count me in!


another wonderful thing you are doing. can't wait to support this cause through your etsy shop! you are the bomb, nikole.


How sweet! I'm anxiously awaiting a sweet pin.


what a beautiful labor of love! they will sell out long before the hike, i am sure! i'm hoping to be quick enough to get one!


What an inspiring project. I love that these are made by your hands--that warmth and hope folded and circled into each one. Many of us who read you will support this venture the second we're able.

Monica Inzaina

Hey Nicole - this is an issue that I wear close to my heart as I lost an 8 year old cousin 1.5 years ago to this disease. I can't wait to purchase one. Every year Colin is represented at the CF walk in FL where we always give away 65 roses in his honor. Your neice is just a doll and you are an extremely sweet aunt.


Oh goodness, look at that sweet little face.

And what a wonderful idea! I will definitely buy one and wear it with pride.


Very cool! Please post links on Twitter when you have the roses in your Etsy, I'm headed over to follow you there now. :)


I think this is the most wonderful and inspiring idea. I have known some children with this disease and they are so optimistic and full of life. I can't wait to buy a rose!


My 16-yr-old cousin (my cousin's daughter) has CF and is thriving. I support every fundraising effort and can't wait to choose a rose!


So awesome! And beautiful roses you are making! I read this post yesterday evening and dreamed about the roses you are making being sewed onto a quilt... just an idea :) Your niece is such a doll. What a wonderful way to show support for her!


Amazing! You are amazing. The roses are gorgeous!

What an incredible thing to do for your gorgeous little niece.

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