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These are sooooooo cute! I should make some for my nieces but since my basement flooded my machine and stash are inaccessible.... so let me know if you post any on Etsy! :)


Hi Nikole!

i saw this post through facebook, and wanted to comment about kitchen ideas! :)

my daughter is 2.5 and has always loved her play kitchen. i've found that the most popular accessories are the real ones - used & cleaned baby food jars (you can fill them with beans and make cute labels) and old spice jars (especially the more expensive/vintage-y looking ones). she also loves the cupcake kit and the birthday cake kit from melissa & doug. I also got a couple baking items from IKEA - rolling pin, etc.

as for food, the plastic stuff never interested her (it does in other departments, just not in this one). so I bit the bullet and invested in a couple nice, wooden food pieces by Haba. I especially love the grapes - they're heavy, individually strung and they feel real. I got those at oompa toys using coupons.

finally - the biggest hit was our most recent purchase, which was a cash register. it makes noises, it scans purchases, and its plastic, but we play 'grocery store' every night after dinner. she loves it!! there's a couple different brands out there. I happened to get the one by Battat (it usually comes in a market stand...but i got in on craig's list, just the cash register part) but I have seen them at target, etc.

I want to get/make a lemonade stand for her this summer. so fun! Good luck and hugs to your family! :)

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Ava loves the fruits/veggies that cut (from Plan Toys, I think?) and spent 30 minutes practicing the day she figured out how to do it. She loves to bring me soup - her favorite to prepare is egg soup (the little wooden egg in a bowl) but she and I both like playing with the pasta (bowtie and linguini inspired by your previous entries). I decided to spend a little more and get a few less items by going the wooden toy route and am so glad I did. But I still must have the grapes :) Need to remember to get those sometime!!


i love this, nikole. i must make some for jo's set. we use our little set like this one for tea regularly...only he's all about hot, warm tea with cream (water, sometimes milk) these days. i love the tea bags! seriously. might make some today!


My little girl is getting this tea set for Christmas and I love your tea bags!! Do you sell them?


Gary Neal

Oh my gosh that is so adorable. I love the little tea bag idea. My daughter, Millicent, would absolutely love those. Did you make them, or can you find them somewhere. We were just looking at kids kitchen sets the other day, and this would be a great addition.


Love the teabags! My kids love their shopping cart, ice cream set and basket of produce.

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