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So what was the total raised with your roses??

Mollee Sullivan

If you haven't already shipped my order, I'd be happy to pick it up so that you can donate the shipping cost to CF. Please e-mail me!


Lydia -

I am still working on the total. Right now, there is $940 in my paypal account - including shipping costs and the sales tax. I think I am going to make it a flat $1000 donation. Woo hoo!

Mollee - I will be in touch. :-)

Michelle Horgan

I can't wait to see them in person! My friend will love hers when I give it to her. If I'm considered local, please also donate my shipping costs to CF. Thanks!


I am thrilled at the success of your project! I stopped by your blog today so I could post a link to your 65 roses project on my blog only to find that you sold them all! Best of luck to your brother on his hike.

Ms Planner

Congratulations on your successful project and it was my loss that I have been feeling so poorly lately and missed the sale! Perhaps (if you are not too rosed-out) you can gradually make some more? I would love the opportunity to purchase the a rose clip for Missy in the future.


I saw you were named Richmond Mom Rockstar due to this project-congratulations! Rebecca Wareham

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