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Trina Willard

Beautiful! I'm amazed by your creativity.


how wonderful, nikole! your sewing skills are certainly growing. you will continue to amaze us with the work of your hands.


I have that pattern saved to my desktop and am just waiting for the perfect shirt.

Great job!

Kate Hall

It's darling Nikole--what a special thing to be able to create something for your child. I just showed it to my mom and asked her to teach me to sew!


Nikole -- that is sooo cute! You need to make one for yourself! Not so you can match, but because it's just that hip!


I love this! That girl knows how to put together an ensemble.


Too sweet! Love it.


Love this as always, I saw this dress too- Now just for a lesson from Nikole :)


We love to sew old "big" things (dad's shirts come to mind) into new little things like doll outfits. Handing down the ability to sew and the love of creating something will always be a gift that only some can give. I'm glad to see how giving and gifted you are! That's one for my Grateful Monday.


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