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Bee-you-tee-full. (The dress and Thea and you.)

Kara Buntin

That is so cute! I made a lot of my kids' clothes and still do for my daughter. I love the colors and I have to agree that the flower adds just the right touch.


GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!! I'm in love with that dress and want one for ME! :) I guess I'd like one for Paige too, but I'm having a selfish moment.

Gwyneth Hines

I Love it! Considering making it for Logan... he's too young to get mad at me, right?


That is adorable! I've been trying my hand at clothes, too. It's so rewarding when it works!


fantastic! it turned out beautifully. :)


n- it's fab! i'm so excited to see your sewing journey unfold & blossom!


LOVE it!! Love the fabric, love the cut, love the ruffles, love the flower and Thea looks SO cute in it!

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