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That's so exciting that Thea has outgrown most of her allergies! Hopefully that will make things a bit easier despite the new challenges you're facing. Happy Monday :)


Oh I'm so excited that you guys have conquered allergies!!! what a huge relief!!
and how smart you became in the process, eh?
I myself am an expert on all viral rashes. lol
we've had them all. I've even had the ones that adults supposedly don't get. and I've had those multiple times. f-u-n. lol

parenting is hard. I find myself wishing that my life was only as complicated right now as finding patience etc. Its all I can do to get through the day lately. Mandy and Thea are about the same age. Mandy is my 2nd so I saw this all coming but there are still very frustrating moments. she's very demanding, very whiney, loves to be dramatic and throw her self on the floor. All at the most inconvenient times. Every child comes with a special set of needs. Cliff has a lot of anxiety and probably depression though its too early for me to tell. I suspect a professional could tell and that is on my list of things to do, after I figure out how to just breathe in and out.
And all the parenting stuff does create pressures in your primary relationship (your marriage) too.

I'll tell you what I know for a fact that you should not ever do. Never ever compare your marriage or your child or your parenting to anyone else's marriage/children/parenting. The best thing you can do is follow your heart and gut and stay connected to John in that way. Comparisons are evil.

You are fantastic!!


You are an amazing mother, Nikole. You inspire me every time I read your posts.


awww i started to cry when i read this. I think you are talking about me ha! im so so grateful for you in my life and feel so lucky to have you on our journey as mothers.


Being a mom is the most difficult thing I`ve ever done in my life. It is amazing but damn there are some days where I would do anything for 30 minutes to myself. Whatever evil thoughts you have about motherhood... we've all had them. Hang in there. You are an amazing mom... I know that without even knowing you. xox

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I have such a one-track mind myself. I am sure i've driven my husband crazy with it. How nice that you got away-just the two of you, it is so vital in a marraige. We are thinking of getting away for a day or 2 when my mother comes and visits for Savannah's first birthday.
I'm all about the purging myself - it's almost like a spiritual cleansing.

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