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LOVE it! This is a neat way to do it. I'm going to try and make one of these for Ian. His birthday is coming up!

Cathy P

I am a total newbie at sewing - well I've made a few hand-stitched items but have not done any machine-stitching yet. I really love this idea (no sewing machine required!). My youngest turn 2 and I want to try this idea for her birthday party. TY!

Mama Brooke

A friend sent me the link to your tute last week & I just finished trying it out for the first time on birthday dresses for sisters turning 1 & 3. Absolutely loved using the woven with the knit! I machine sewed the numbers on for time's sake, but I adore how your hand stitch one looks and will have to try this next time. I'm a big fan of easy to read and follow directions, with photos and simplicity and your tute was just this, so thank you for sharing your delightful tips! My son will have the most one of a kind gifts to give at the party tomorrow! :)

LeShele Silas-Armour

Thanks! I will try this week! I envision all our January babies in the family taking a cute photo with their new shirts!


That is so cute....I have tried appliqu├ęs before but I am not very good on a sewing machine. But thankfully I do hand sew quite a bit, so thank you for sharing! What size or style of thread did you use or prefer to use?

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