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i love her! we had so much fun celebrating too!! you are such a wonderful mama, thea is so lucky! xo


Hooray for three! She is just adorable, can't imagine a more perfect set of golden curls for that wonderful crown.

I've been wanting to make melt-down crayons like that and it never occurred to me to use a silicone mold! Do they release really easily?


That looks fabulous! Happy birthday to your little girl! For my daughter's first birthday we had a day together and had her party on another day :) My favorite memory was blowing up helium balloons for her for the first time and watching her run around in our front yard with them. She was amazed. It was a lot of fun :)


Happy Birthday Thea!!! I can't believe your sweet girl is three! I love the crown and b-day shirt - way to go, Mama!

kim rakes

i am so behind on my blog reading, as i have been trying to prep for cameron's 2nd birthday... i am such a snot :/ this goes without saying, but thea is so blessed to have you as her mama- you are so thoughtful, creative, and you put so much love into her childhood. you inspire me... to be a better mama and to try harder at making things for my kids <3


love, love, love!

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