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One word AWESOME can you come to my house and help me with my "studio"? It's a long trip to Canada but I would so appreciate it! Well done it's a very soothing spot.

Dawn Anderson

Beautiful Nikole!


OMG I want to go sit in that room and play with the jars of buttons. can I can I huh???!
its fantastic Nikole!!!

come to my house!?!? pleeeeease!!!


Wow, it looks amazing. I love all of the colors that your various crafting supplies bring to the room.

Nicole Lee

I'm swooning! :-) Your studio is lovely.


WOW! I had no idea you where so into vintage fabric. What a wonderful surprise. Your studio is truly inspiring!


It's like I've died and gone to my dream sewing/craft room. Amazing! Also, I'm totally borrowing that metal bin ribbon storage idea. I have tried several different ways to store all of mine and none have seemed to work.

Thank you so much for sharing your space!!

kendra verbeek

this is absolutely beautiful and amazing ~ you are so talented!


this is excellent! i have major studio envy now, but also a lot of good storage ideas. thank you for sharing!


wow!!! STUNNING! i love it! and am amazed by your organization and creativity...you have really designed a beautifully functional and warm, inspiring space....LOVE IT! i totally have that same lamp you do and have similar sentiments....and thankful for the good light ;) im so impressed by your 'bolts' and cant get over how adorable that raccoon and fox fabric is. lovely touch with the flowers on the clothespins, too. i love you sooo much and thank you for the constant inspiration!!! xoxoxo


Gorgeous! I can't wait to compliment you IN PERSON!!! Xo


WOW WOW WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! Can I come over? You are SO lucky to have this amazing space and to have made it uniquely all your own and it is stunning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SOOOOOO jealous! xox


Everything is so beautiful!!! :) I'm sure I'm like number 13 here in the line of people who want to come craft & play in your pretty studio :)


I just stumbled upon your blog- where did you get all the beautiful vintage fabric? Its lovely!!!


Lisa -

Most of the sheets were thrifted. A few were found on etsy and ebay. :)


So beautiful and inspiring!


I have never seen such an extensive vintage sheet collection before! Amazing!


your space is so lovely- it looks so inspiring and relaxing at the same time, which is perfect! i'm curious what color/brand paint you used on the walls? that green is so serene. thanks for sharing!!

kim rakes

i think i will just sit and stare at this for the next 30 minutes. i LOVE your space. completely. and your vintage sheet collection? WOW. that closet is heaven on earth <3

Nikole Sarvay

The paint color is one that I got from Lowe's a few years ago - it's valspar signature colors - martha stewart colors - in araucana sage. I hope that helps!

Sevenoaks Furniture

Lovely! You've got there a clean well organized working area and I love it!

jewelry making

I always coming up to the point that if a house is well organized, it reflects also the attitude of a people who are living on it. Then they are living in a home not in a house anymore.

כורסת המתנה

It's wonderful. I like this studio place. I like all pictures of different things of studio. Specially I like most is that the white cup board with different cloths. Thanks for sharing your studio with us.

טיולים מאורגנים לחו"ל

What attractive house. I like it. I like to decor my house every time. I have big space in my house, I like specially in yours is the star. It's really very beautiful studio place.

דלתות כניסה לבית

Nice studio place. I never see before such beautiful place. I like your smart way to arrange all the things so it's looking very nice. Thanks for sharing this one.

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