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Beautiful! I am going to try this with Zadie this week. I'm wondering about the burlap -- what if you do a cold water rinse and let it air dry before using the marking pen? I feel like burlap has something in it that might be causing the issue. I might try Aida cloth and see how the pen works on that. Luckily, my pen is purple, someone's favorite color.


This makes my heart sing!!! What a love Thea is!


so sweet! my daughter has begun to stitch on a line with burlap. so endearing! at our little school, the 4's and 5's adore sewing and embroidery. after a little practice with burlap, Thea will soon be ready for felt or linen! It's mind blowing what preschoolers are capable of with a needle if they are interested! Have fun!!!!


I love this. She will have such fond memories of crafting with her momma!

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