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beautiful post. and i am right there with you on your journey in so many ways. i've a lot to say about loss and they way you talk about it in this post really resonates. i KNOW just what you mean.

there are so many wonderful women i've had the pleasure to meet through blogging, but dang, it's hard - hard to keep up with it all! for me, it's as simple as choosing to be quiet. usually life chooses for me. though i may continue to read posts, there are times when there isn't the opportunity to comment in a meaningful way.

i've learned though that in "real" life, my dearest friends don't mind my absence from time to time. we are with each other in spirit. sometimes that has to be enough. and i think in a way, the same is true with my blogging friends. or at least it is from my end.

all the best,


Beautiful. Poignant. True. Thanks for a thoughtful, honest post.


This is a tough one. Sometimes, I feel that connecting via IG and email during the day is necessary (for me) I spend all day long with my girl and don't do too much connecting with others and I feel like I really need it for my sanity. besides the fact that photographing is a much needed creative outlet for me. I also feel like I don't have many friends locally which makes it a bit more challenging to find ways to connect with those I love that are so far away. It is a struggle though, my biggest struggle and challenge is knowing that my girl hates the phone or hates when my attention isnt on her. my husband has made comments that he doesnt want the phone/internet to be a memory of what life was like for her growing up. I think that is the biggest challenge for me. protecting her from the electronic age. does that even make sense? I do enjoy days when I am not connected at all, but then there is the stress of catching up with it, right? im rambling. You have me thinking. thank you for your words. you write so beautifully.

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