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Absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE your process description! It's so familiar (doing with the girls OR without). I love the wreath. And hey what if it's not perfect! It still looks wonderful. <3 When I make something and it's not perfect I think back to my quilting days (ok... more serious quilting days) when I learned from the best that no quilt is perfect without some mistakes/not so perfect bits in it. Hope you have a wonderful day!


26 curse words. Is that one for each letter of the alphabet? I'm curious as to the contents ;)

It's a very sweet wreath, the more so for all that went into it. Way cuter than my invisible one.


I was irritated by the minor burn (below) not the mess (above). I'm used to the craft mess! ;)


Nicole, please head to my blog when you have time. There's a little something for you! :) Have a wonderful day!


Gorgeous! She will cherish the time you spent with her not perfection... And not needing to be perfect is also such a powerful lesson, besides it looks absolutely gorgeous!

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